Gradwork – Slice VR

This is one of my more recent projects:


The goal for me here is to provide the user with a sandbox where he can do everything he desires ( with the tools available )

So picture an environment in VR, with slow motion and time stop and all that cool stuff, where you can slice, crash and blow up stuff.
That’s what I’m shooting for!


If you want a detailed look at the research part of my project and how I made decisions to further production, take a look here: paper
( the document is too big for google docs apparently )

Here are some screenshots from project in non-VR mode ( + code snippits )

Here are some snippits as intermezzo:

This is the Cut application, the profiling was needed to check where the tool had the most impact during slicing ( on 1000+ vertices the slicing has performance issues )


Let’s take a look at the fracturing ( non real-time ):

Fragments made in 3DS Max