What have I been up to?


Ga naar Unity Destruction – Slicing

Unity Destruction – Slicing

VR Sandbox made in Unity3D. Real time model destruction

Ga naar Medals of War – NitroGames

Medals of War – NitroGames

Project of NitroGames Plc. Made in Unity

Ga naar Go Go Poncho

Go Go Poncho

Made in Unity3D. 4 people party game, released in October 2016

Ga naar Apex


Made in Unity3D. 4 people party game. Cars and guns!

Other Projects

Ga naar C# WPF – Level editor

C# WPF – Level editor

Made in Visual Studio with C# and WPF. Production Tool

Ga naar Procedural Terrain

Procedural Terrain

Made in Unity3D. Automatic terrain generation ( test project )

Ga naar HLSL – Planet Painter

HLSL – Planet Painter

Made in Visual Studio. HLSL Geometry Shader

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More Projects

All my projects ( programming / non-programming ) can be found here!