Slice VR

Real-time destruction in VR environment

The goal of this project was to create a sandbox where the player can create and destroy (and slice!) any object in a fun and understandable way.

Quick example of the VR in action

Slicing is used in a sword format and to calculate the chunks in an explosion. Everything is calculated in real-time.

I designed the whole project from scratch and was responsible for most of the coding as well (during my gradwork). After the initial project was completed I got help from DAE Studios (Research team) with the Art and additional coding to make the game a proper sensation!

Made for HTC Vive in Unity3D

Below is a video showcase of the mechanics in action

Anything is possible!

If you want a detailed look at the research part of my project and how I made decisions to further production, take a look here: paper
( the document is too big for google docs apparently )

Study project (Gradwork)

The project was created as my gradwork research project and evolved over time afterwards into a VR experience. We started in a non-VR environment to test out the Slicing, Exploding and Time Control until we were satisfied. Afterwards we started working on a user-friendly scene with clear gameflow.

Here are some screenshots from project in non-VR modeĀ ( + code snippits )

Code Snippets

This is the Cut application, the profiling was needed to check where the tool had the most impact during slicing ( on 1000+ vertices the slicing has performance issues )


This is a system I later used to create the real-time fracturing using the Slice code! What’s happening here in practice are multiple simultaneous slices being performed behind the scenes to make it look like an exploded model.

Fragments made in 3DS Max