First post

Hey there,

You found my blog. I’m starting this in my final semester of Digital Arts & Entertainment.
Here you can see how my brain works and how my weeks go.

I thought It’d be good to write down my thoughts while I go through these projects.
I got 3 huge projects coming my way and I got 3 months to complete them.

You can follow up on my projects and maybe some funny insights on life.
This week ( I’m starting this on a Saturday, I don’t know why ) I am just starting on all my things, the Game Projects ideas are just taking shape, so not a lot to tell you about that. I also uploaded my choices for my graduation work, I hope I can┬ádo the Traffic Simulator, that would be awesome. Tool Development is just some assignments now, nothing exciting.

Going into my second week I have ordered a new chair, that oughtta help my productivity.
The image you see above is from the terrain generator I’m working on, I don’t know if I will post pictures on every post, something to think about.

I still have some time to edit my portfolio, resume and personal projects before school takes over. Stay tuned for that!
That’s all I can think to share, you can expect these every week ( hopefully ).


Bye for now,


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