Projects kick-off

Hey all,

Let me continue this blog by giving you the heads up on my second week. My projects have begun to take form, too sum up:

  • My Game projects project will become a RC Racing/Deathmatch game
  • My Gradwork project is still rough but will involve destruction, time-scale and Unity3D
  • My ToolDev project is still undecided, we’ll hear more from this when I’ll get more fluent in C#!

My team for Game Projects had a pretty easy meeting about the game ideas and last monday we came to a conclusion. We got the thumbs up from our teachers on wednesday and we’ve been starting prototyping ever since. The first playable car-demo will be up next wednesday hopefully, then I can update my site here aswell.

Next monday I’ll sit together with my mentor for Gradwork and he’ll guide me towards a decent project / research, looking forward to that!
Okay, so we got a heavy week in front of us. Next week we’ll have some things to show ( hopefully ).

Our game ( GoGoPoncho ) is 99% done! We’ve our first gogoponcho party tournament last thursday and it was pretty fun! We gave away a free key to the victor and all participants got a discount, I think we handled that extremely well!


I’ll see you next week, check my projects ( on this site ) for updates on my work.


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