Internship fair


So yesterday ( 14/10 ) we’ve had an amazing internship fair at The Level. We’ve had a lot of companies come over, most of them from Belgium but also some from the Netherlands, Germany, UK and even Finland.

I’m mainly focused on finding an internship abroad so I spoke to all of the non-belgian companies and had a blast! I got a look at most of the presentations of the companies and it was really informative!

Heading of to week 3, I’m really busy with my projects, gradwork is still just researching and testing everything I can get my eyes on.
Game projects 2 is going well, our prototype is a lot of fun to test with and we’re confident it’ll work out!
GoGoPoncho is going into the final week ( hopefully ), there’s 1 more full-game mechanic that we want to implement.

Next week is getting even more busy because I have to write all those internship sollicitations. I hope it’ll go great!

Stay tuned for next week, see ya!



Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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