Hi all,


So the projects are starting to pile up and I’m kind off excited and nervous at the same time.
I’ve been in the process of getting an internship with a couple companies now and I’ve been doing tests.
In a few days I’ll be starting the interviews ( via Skype ), so that’s exciting stuff.

Projects wise; our game is still going great ( not a lot of art yet but programming side is blooming ), next week ( the week after the holidays ) we have our first milestone.
After this presentation I’ll post the WIP on the portfolio here so everyone can follow the project.

Gradwork is also going great but still has a lot of work yet to do! I’ll post the WIP of this project on here aswell in a few days because it’s all exciting stuff!
The milestone for the gradwork research is also next week so that’s making me a little nervous 🙂


I’ll update the blog at the end of the week ( holidays ), so I can keep track of my progress in 7 days of projects.
Until then!



Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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