What am I good at?

  • Game Economy
  • Balancing
  • Level Design
  • Story telling
  • Gameplay and Battle mechanics
  • Monetisation and FTP (Free to play)
  • C# and C++ (along with knowledge of other coding languages)
  • Game Engine design and AI/Bot creation
  • Low level coding (Assembly and Console programming)
  • Sufficient understanding of Marketing, Business dev and Social media
  • Sufficient understanding of Pre production, 3D and Animation (includes rigging and skinning)

Which programs do I use?

Unity 3D

Robomongo (Databases & Balancing)

Atlassian (Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence)

This is my preferred method of source control

Adobe (Photoshop, XD, After Effects)

Visual Studio

My preferred coding IDE

Office, Google docs

I use various different software to edit my designs (Excel and Word being the main one). Atlassian and Apple also have their own software which I’m familiar with