Here you can find some more information about our latest game: GoGoPoncho!



My work

I was the lead programmer of this project, I was working together with 1 other programmer.
I made sure we did our job and stood in contact with the artists.

I made sure the game ran fluently and nothing would break when new assets were added.
I tackled the Game- and Party manager ( both about 1500 lines in C# ) aswell as the whole menu implementation.

Keke ( programmer #2 ) perfected the handling of the characters in game and also the AI system in Quick play.
As a bonus I made the challenge mode ( addition in the full game ).


The game has been released as a free version with 2 levels and 1 character and without the challenge mode. The full version will have all the ( now 8 ) levels , 4 characters plus the challenge mode! The game costs only $4.99!


Some Code-snippits:





Check out our work in progress on our blog!

Check out the reveal trailer here:


Check out some of the art


About the game

GoGoPoncho is a local multiplayer party game, full of mexican goodness!
The concept is based on Crash Bandicoots’ mini game Crash Bash.

You take on the role of one of our 4 characters and wrestle to the death in one of our
awesome levels.
There is also a challenge mode to really test your skills.

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Behind the Game:

We’ve build this game in about 5 months, with 5 team members:
2 programmers and 3 artists.

I was in charge of the menu behaviour, the game manager, the challenge mode and the bug fixing.
Also I made sure everything in the game communicated correctly ( from artist to programmer )

I also did the voice acting for one of the characters!