Game Engine & AI

Moonlight – Custom Game engine

I built my own AI made within my custom game engine

Made entirely in C++

The base of this engine was provided by school ( The Overlord Engine )

The objective was to showcase the implemented components in a small game:

  • Character Controller
  • Particle System
  • Mesh Colliders
  • Ray Casting with camera
  • Shadow rendering
  • Post processing
  • Many self made materials and shaders

The game I made heavily depends on the AI concepts I’ve written:

  • A* Path finding
  • Decision-based tracking
  • Verbal/Non-verbal interaction

The engine itself is based off of the Unity3D engine ( component based ).
Below are some code snippits, If you want a larger peak at the source code, contact me:

Particle Component: Updating the buffer for the loop of particles

Schermopname (169)

AI Decision making: deciding wether or not to reconquer claimed beacons ( game specific )

Schermopname (170)

Height Terrain Component: Creating the PhysX Interactable field

Schermopname (171)

If you want to play the game, contact me and I’ll send you the Build!

Trailers (Demo videos)